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Rowland Software does not accept any liability for loss or damage connected with use of these programs however caused, and makes no representations concerning their fitness for any purpose. Acceptance of these conditions is a condition of download.

File Program Version Size
Download Clipboard Text Toolbox (RS ClipX™) 1.0.182 5787 KB
 The clipboard text toolbox. 42 great functions including formatting, change case, numbering and lists, sorting, check spelling and punctuation... (Alpha release)
Download Path Utility    ReadMe 1.0.24 2123 KB
 Lists components of Path and ClassPath, lists environment variables needed in Hyperion / Oracle environments, checks for common errors and lets you save report to send to Support.
Download SV Connect RS SmartView Connect 2    User Guide 2.0.1 376 KB
 Excel Add-in: Enhancements for Oracle® Smart View for Office. Particularly assists setting Points of View. (32-bit Office only)


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