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Talking Cycle

The talking edition of Cycle, the Cycling UK magazine

Information for Readers

Getting Started

Download Audacity Sound Recording and Editing Software
Download LAME 3.99 MP3 Library
Download Dynamic Compressor version 1.2.6
Choosing a Mike (PDF) (Prices as of 2015)
Microphone Recommendations (PDF)
How To Install and Use Audacity in 20 minutes (out of date links — use those above)
How to Use Audacity to Record and Edit Audio

Instructions and Documentation

Recording with Audacity (PDF)
Instructions & Tips (PDF)
Audacity Manual pages
Extracting Text from PDFs
Forvo pronunciation guide
Video: Final steps for your recordings — normalising and compressing
Video: Splicing recordings (Editors only)
Video: Using the Envelope Tool to Fade Music

Sending files

File upload (wetransfer.com)
File upload alternative (transferbigfiles.com)