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Talking Cycle

The talking edition of Cycle, the Cycling UK magazine

How to Help Talking Cycle

We have a team of people who help create each edition. If you would like to join us, you need to be a Cycling UK Member or at least have access to a copy of Cycle.

We are particularly short of ladies and young readers.

Volunteers are sought for the following rôles:

  • readers
  • recording editors
  • organisers.

What equipment do I need?

All you need to record is a reasonable quality microphone or headset, a computer and somewhere quiet to work. We will give you full instructions if you are not already familiar with recording. If you are, you can use whatever software you are familiar with; otherwise we will show you how to record with Audacity, which is free and works on Windows, Macs and Linux. It really is very simple and there is lots of help available.


You will be asked to read around half a dozen articles or items each time. You not only read clearly with an interesting and varied delivery, but also consider the needs of listeners, translating the page, including pictures where relevant, into the spoken word.


Depending on your experience in using audio editing software you will check recordings for quality and combine different elements — different voices, background music etc. — to make the finished product. Instruction will be given so all you need is a willingness to learn a few simple tasks.


Organisers co-ordinate and plan either the whole edition or a section, or help with administration. Or you might choose some music to fit in with one or two articles and add atmosphere.

What is the time commitment?

The general pattern is to help every other edition, i.e. every four months, but depending on your availability you may help every time or only on the odd occasion. We have enough people to cover for absences and holidays, so you won't ever feel obliged.

Want More Information?

Please use the link for the Contact form to make first contact. Please give your name, address and phone number, and mention the rôles you might fulfil and how often you could help.
We look forward to hearing from you!